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Your Botox Cosmetic® Treatment from Start to Finish

Botox Cosmetic® treatments have been the most popular way of reducing wrinkles in a non-invasive manner for some time. Men and women who crave a more youthful appearance may receive Botox Cosmetic® treatments in place of surgical procedures such as a face lift, making cosmetic procedures more accessible.

For many, what stops them from receiving treatment is not inaccessibility; but fear of the unknown. Here, we will break down the steps of a Botox Cosmetic® treatment.

Before receiving any treatment, you will consult with your surgeon about your ideal scenario. You will discuss the change that you would like to make and your surgeon will have the opportunity to explain the options available to you. At this time, your surgeon will go into detail about what is involved in Botox Cosmetic® treatments; the risks involved and the specifics in terms of effectiveness and longevity of results.

Most receive treatment in their surgeon’s office or in a surgical suite.

During treatment, injections are made into the spots where you want to eliminate wrinkles, such as the forehead or around the eyes. Although anesthesia is rarely required, some patients do opt for local numbing agents before injections. Depending on how many injections are used, treatment may take from 10 to 30 minutes. Injections are not extremely painful; more like a slight sting. After treatment is completed, there is no pain and a patient can leave the surgeons office and return to their normal daily activities.

Results from Botox Cosmetic® are typically seen within a few days; however it may take up to 15 days for a patient to see the full effect of the treatment. Wrinkles treated with Botox Cosmetic® will typically be reduced for a period of three months after treatment.

To receive more information on Botox Cosmetic®, Dr. Swift is a great resource for further information.

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