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Augmentation mammaplasty is typically performed to enlarge small breasts, under-developed breasts or breasts that have decreased in size after a woman has had children. It is accomplished by surgically inserting an implant behind each breast. If your breast skin sags as well, Dr. Swift might suggest having a breast lift in conjunction with augmentation.

In the operation, a small incision is made either in the armpit, around the areola (the pink skin surrounding the nipple), or most commonly under the breast. Dr. Swift frequently uses endoscopy (TV camera, monitor and fiberoptic light) in order to maximize the safety of the technique and minimize the scarring. A pocket is created for the implant either behind the breast tissue or behind the muscle between the breast and the chest wall. Dr. Swift performs both types of procedures, and will use his experience to select the most appropriate implant location, discussing the pros and cons related to your unique body shape.

There are several types of implants used today, varying from saline (salt water) to silicone to cohesive gel (“gummy bear implant”). The implant surface may be smooth or textured and the implant itself may be round or "anatomically" shaped to help define the breast shape. Dr. Swift is one of Canada’s select few experts on the use of the Natrelle cohesive gel anatomic breast prosthesis, Europe’s most popular implant.

At the conclusion of the operation, you will be provided a surgical bra to wear for the first 2 weeks. Minimal swelling or discolouration will occur but will disappear shortly after surgery. Varying degrees of breast firmness can occur post-operatively; with some types of implants, you may be instructed to perform breast massage to help minimize this possibility. Vigorous activities, especially arm movement, may be restricted for two to three weeks following breast augmentation surgery.

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