Breast Enhancement Montreal

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Breast enhancement procedures remain at the forefront of patient consultations in our practice. There are several reasons why a woman may desire some type of breast enhancement such as augmentation, reduction or reshaping. With extensive training and experience in the performance of these procedures, Dr. Swift has helped hundreds of women feel better about their shape.


Breast augmentation is the procedure performed to increase the size of small breasts. Augmentation may be sought for breasts that never fully developed or breasts that have lost fullness after weight loss or childbirth. In some instances, breast augmentation is combined with a breast lift for the optimal effect.

Augmenting the breasts means inserting one of several types of implants. Dr. Swift has experience with a number of different implants, including silicone, saline, and “gummy bear” implants, made of cohesive gel. He is one of the few Canadian experts who has mastered the use of Natrelle cohesive gel breast implants.

Breast lift

Breast lift surgery is intended to restore more youthful shape to breasts that have lost volume and tone after weight loss, with age, or after childbirth. In this procedure, excess skin may be removed and the nipple and areola repositioned to sit higher on the breast. Using precise technique and an eye for natural aesthetics, Dr. Swift reshapes sagging breast tissue. Breast lift may also be combined with breast implants for improved fullness or breast reduction to remove excess skin and breast tissue.

Breast enhancement surgery may be sought for a number of personal reasons. These may vary from feelings of dissatisfaction with under-developed breasts or changes in breasts with age. Some women simply desire more fullness to achieve better proportions. Whatever the reasons for considering breast enhancement, realistic expectations are an important factor in achieving lasting satisfaction. Enhancing your physical appearance, can elevate your level of confidence, but is not a guarantee of happiness or improved relationships.

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