Breast Reduction Montreal, Quebec

Breast Reduction Montreal - Title


Overly large, sagging breasts may not only cause concern due to their appearance but may interfere as well with normal function and physical activity by causing back pain, postural problems, deformities.

This surgical procedure involves removing excess breast tissue and skin, repositioning (but not removing) the nipple and areola (the pink skin surrounding the nipple) and reshaping the remaining breast tissue.

The operation requires general anesthetic but can often be performed on an outpatient basis. Although Dr. Swift will make every effort to keep your scars as inconspicuous as possible, the incisions will ultimately leave permanent, noticeable scars in the lower portion of the breasts.

After surgery, the breasts may be wrapped in gauze or placed in a surgical bra. You will have to wear a supportive bra for several weeks to promote healing. Loss of sensation of the nipples and breast skin is rare and usually improves gradually. You should avoid excessive exercise and overhead lifting for several weeks after surgery.

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