Tumescent Liposuction Montreal

Tumescent Liposuction Montreal - Title


A procedure introduced in Canada in 1982, liposuction can remove localized collections of fatty tissue in several areas of the body. By using a high vacuum device, Dr. Swift can suction fat from the legs, buttocks, thighs, abdomen, arms, face and neck. The increasing popularity of liposuction is due to the simplicity of the technique (in the hands of a qualified surgeon), the low complication rate, the fact that it can be done under local anesthesia and that it leaves only minute scars.

Suction lipectomy is not a substitute for the results achieved through proper diet and exercise, nor is it a cure for obesity. To get the most from this procedure, you should be of average weight with extra fat localized in specific areas. It is also important that you have healthy, elastic skin with the capacity to shrink evenly after surgery. Since tumescent liposuction removes only fat, it cannot eliminate dimpling (cellulite) or correct laxity of the skin.

Following surgery, we will provide you with a garment to be worn for several weeks to promote skin shrink-age and to minimize swelling and skin discoloration. Depending on the areas treated, you may expect to resume your normal routine during the week following surgery.

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