Neck Recontouring Montreal

Neck Recontouring Montreal - Title

One of the more popular procedures performed in Dr. Swift's practice is neck contouring by SmartLipo suction. Although originally believed to be limited to the "under 40 crowd", this technique has achieved impressive results in patients in their 50's and 60's.

In a 45-minute procedure done under local anesthesia, a thin laser probe is introduced under your neck skin through stab incisions behind each ear and under the chin. The excess fat of your neck is then melted and painlessly removed with gentle suction, contouring the neck. Unlike a facelift, the skin is not tightened through separate incisions but rather stimulated to contract with the laser. Small tapes are used to close the puncture sites and then a chinstrap support must be worn for 3 days to redrape the skin. Pain and bruising are usually minimal and return to work on the fourth day is the norm. Massaging the neck skin helps to minimize post-operative stiffness and irregularities. Not every individual is an ideal candidate, as results are dependent upon the quality of the skin as well as the quantity of fat to be removed.

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